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Violence and destruction of tropical forests in Indonesia for paper

The paper industry in Indonesia will shy away from violence and rainforest destruction is not reset. Three Indonesian villagers had their resistance to acacia plantations of a subsidiary company of the APRIL Group now pay with his life.

Dede Kunaifi reports of the Indonesian environmental organization Kabut, at the invitation of ROBIN WOOD is currently traveling through Germany. Moreover Kunaifi warns that APRIL on the Kampar Peninsula in Sumatra further 45,000 hectares of tropical forests for new plantations destroying – with fatal consequences for small farmers and the natural environment in Indonesia, as well as for the global climate. He appeals to the customers in Europe, to renounce Indonesian paper. Copy paper from APRIL, in Germany from the wholesaler Papierunion under the brand name “Paper One” displaced.

Three killed, 16 injured and seven prisoners, that is the sad record of the village in Sumatra Tangun. The people there are fighting for 1,000 hectares of arable land, which is a subsidiary of APRIL (Asian Pacific Resources International Limited) under the nail has cracked. The group responded to the resistance of the village on 28 May 2009 with hostage-taking by his security forces. Because the village residents to these terrorist do not want to be liked, it came on the same day to a confrontation in which three people were killed and others wounded. The group alleges that the man had died from accidents. The Indonesian National Human Rights Commission gives the representation of the group, but no faith.

According to Dede Kunaifi Indonesian environmentalists and other circumstantial evidence all pointed out that the villagers were murdered. “Customers in Germany will know how the paper industry of violence against people and environment in our country act,” says Dede Kunaifi and asks: “Please refrain from paper from Indonesia.”

APRIL plans, even in other large areas of Sumatra rainforest destruction. The Kampar peninsula is one of the few remaining wooded areas in Sumatra. Ironically, in their wish Torfwald APRIL destroy 45,000 hectares, so space for more paper to create plantations. The consequences for the climate would be disastrous, because in the meter-thick Torfschichten are huge amounts of carbon stored by the clear cutting as a climate-damaging gas in the atmosphere. Because of this effect, Indonesia is now the world’s third largest emitter of carbon dioxide.

Given these predatory practices ROBIN WOOD has its own data according to the largest paper merchant, paper Union, since 2002, repeatedly asked, on paper of APRIL may be dispensed with. Papierunion previously denied this and insists always, the pulp for Paper One “comes solely from plantations and not from rainforest destruction. “Given the violence to paper plantations in Indonesia is such a cynical argument. We call Papierunion as well as all other traders on paper, on paper from Indonesia to renounce “said ROBIN WOOD-tropical Speaker Peter Gerhardt.

Depiction of the violent attacks on residents of the village on 28 Tangun May 2009

The inhabitants of the village in Sumatra Tangun are in conflict with the plantation company SSL (Sumatera Silva Lestari). They claim to 1,000 hectares of SSL concession area as their traditional land and SSL accuse them of this country to have robbed. SSL is a subsidiary of the APRIL Group and supplied to the Group-owned pulp and paper mill with RAPP plantation wood.
The villagers operated on the controversial land agriculture. The security of SSL responded on 28 May 2009 with the kidnapping of two people. That same day about 150 gathered in front of the villagers SSL headquarters to oppose the kidnapping to protest. They were quickly surrounded by SSL security forces and workers. It was a tense atmosphere in which a shot fell suddenly. Then the crowd ran in panic apart.

Three hours later the people gathered again in their village and said that 16 people were injured and three missing comrades. Two of them drove the following day on a dead-water pool by SSL. The third person was seriously injured and succumbed to found the next day these severe injuries.

SSL speaks of an accident, and claimed the two men were probably drowned in the pool. At the presentation of the company but does not fit, that the corpses showed severe injuries and had ausgeschlagene teeth.

The Indonesian National Human Rights Commission does a report in the magazine “Tempo” of 15 June 2009 the presentation of SSL and supports so that the representation of the villagers, that the victims of SSL people to death were placed.

On 29 May 2009 saw the police in Tangun around and did not investigate the deaths, but detained seven villagers because of unrest Foundation. These people are currently still in custody

Dede KunaifiHamburg, 18 June 2009

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